A few ground rules you should know about

We hope you find RibbonCommerce to be a profitable space to grow your sales online. But before you get going, please familiarise yourself with our terms of service below.

  1. Your Account
    1. When creating your account, you must provide your legally true full name and address, phone number and regularly checked email address alongside further information that we may request. Please note we retain the right to reject your application at our own discretion.
    2. You must be 18 years or older to register an account with us. By signing up, you are confirming that this is the case.
    3. You consent to receiving emails from us for the express purpose of providing service information. Further, you agree to monitor this email address, as well as any others associated with your Ribbon Commerce account, such as domain specific email addresses you use to administer your ecommerce website.
    4. You agree to use a sufficiently secure password for your account known only to you and/or others within your organisation. You acknowledge it is your responsibility to keep your password secure and Ribbon are not be liable for loss or damage caused by unauthorised actors accessing your website’s admin account.
    5. You agree to keep your website content up to date and accurate, with refund policy and expected delivery details prominently displayed (note default content exists to help you comply buy can be changed in your shop admin account). In cases where failure to do so causes a dispute with your customers, Ribbon is not liable for any loss or damage caused.
    6. All purchases through your Ribbon build website create a contract of sale exclusively between you and your customer. Ribbon are not responsible for any tax obligations arising from your use of our services.
    7. All media and content uploaded to your site remains your responsibility at all times, including images, videos and web copy. While Ribbon place no restrictions on what assets add to your store, sole responsibility for their legality and compliance with appropriate local regulations rests with you.
    8. Failure to comply with any item within our Terms of Service can result in termination of your service at our own discretion.
  2. Conditions of Service

    The service provided to you by RibbonCommerce is owned by us, and provided to you in accordance with this Terms of Service. You are not permitted to alter or access the underlying system in any way, and must only use your website in ways expressly intended/permitted by Ribbon.
    1. Acceptable use. By signing up for your Ribbon website, you agree to that the topic and content of your website does not include the following in any way: child exploitation, hateful/discriminatory content, illegal activity, use of copyright when not expressly authorised, defamatory or threatening, supportive of terrorist organisations. You agree that your use of Ribbon services is in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
    2. We will create your site using a custom created proprietary selection of content designed and developed in house for the purposes of creating our sites. During the feedback and refinements stage of pre-production, in cases where content elements are requested outside the bounds of what is available, additional development costs may be necessary. We will not undertake such customisations without your express agreement beforehand.
    3. You are responsible for and control all data held which concerns the day to day operation of your site. This includes content and assets you upload and the personal information you obtain during the course of your business operations, such as sales and marketing lists. The data you own may be requested and retrieved at the point the service is terminated, for example to enable you to switch providers.
    4. All assets, code and content that constitute Ribbon’s proprietary website service remain our property at all times. Upon cancellation or cessation of the service, the user relinquishes any right to its access (not withstanding data retrieval processes also set out in this document). The service user is authorised to licence the use of Ribbon assets for their website while their account remains active and in good standing.
    5. Subscription fees must be paid in advance, billed in either monthly or yearly instalments in accordance with our service pricing options. Ribbon reserves the right to pause, remove or temporarily disable the content of the website, should payments not be maintained. In this case, you will receive an email requesting you complete a payment. In cases where it is not received within 3 days, access to your site may be suspended, and may be reactivated again following a subsequent payment. Please note you will still be charged the full service fee while your site remains deactivated. Ribbon also reserves the right to charge an administration fee for late payments.
    6. RibbonCommerce is unable to provide refunds for either the signup cost or pre-paid and unused service credit built up, however you are free to cancel your subscription after the minimum 6 month term is reached.
    7. We employ a wide range of techniques to keep our websites secure at all times. This includes maintaining coding best practices, first rate server infrastructure with built in security protections, a strict approach to account access and password management, and wide ranging ‘website hardening’ techniques designed to prevent unauthorised access. While we take all reasonable measures to keep sites protected, no system is 100% secure. Ribbon are not liable for loss or damage caused by illegally gained unauthorised access to your site.
    8. Ribbon uses the specialist web hosting provider Kinsta to deliver a reliable web service via premium Google Cloud servers. While the service is highly effective, we are not liable for any loss or damage caused by server outages beyond our control that cause our sites to be temporarily inaccessible.
    9. RibbonCommerce is a ‘live’ service that is being actively maintained to benefit users with continuously added/enhanced options and functionality to keep sites fresh and future proof for the long term. From time to time this may result in minor visual changes to your site as and when improvements are implemented. In using the service, you consent to allowing us to do so. You may opt out of this by sending us a message, however we don’t recommend it and it will result in new functionality remaining unavailable to your site.
    10. We make every effort to keep your site functionality online at all times. However from time to time factors beyond our control, such as third party service changes, may temporarily impact the operability of your site. Ribbon is not liable for any loss of earnings or costs incurred as a result of any such outages.

RibbonCommerce terms of service last updated 21st January 2021.